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10 summer trends we can’t get enough of

As the days get longer and the temperatures rises, brands are releasing their summer collections. This year we’re seeing local brands take their western wear game to the next level. Something Haute looks at some of our favorite trends from the latest collections that cannot be missed.

1. Coord Sets

summer trends

L: Khaadi, R: Ethnic by Outfitters

What began as an ode to the single-print suits in our mum’s closets has matured this year into coordinated sets. This season’s sets come in a variety of silhouettes from comfy tees to long shirts paired with loose pants. Available in block colors and eye-catching prints, we love the diversity these sets offer. You can choose to pair them with separates or wear both pieces for a look that is both stylish and comfortable.

2. Graphic T-shirts

summer trends

L: Sapphire West, R: Ethnic by Outfitters

Graphic tees perhaps never go out of fashion. With brands now catering to younger customers, we’re seeing more and more of them in local collections. No matter what your aesthetic, you’re sure to find t-shirts that will become everyday looks. From cartoon characters to artistic prints, we’re loving that brands are catering to all tastes with these wardrobe staples.

3. Knotted Tops

summer trends

L: Sapphire West, R: Outfitters

Those of us who grew up in the 90s are no strangers to the knotted top. This classic silhouette began returning to racks in the 2010s and can be seen increasingly in local collections. From knotted t-shirts to collared shirts, there’s something in this trend for everyone. Whether you wear yours over baggy jeans or flowing skirts, knotted tops are bound to make for some effortless and smart looks.

4. Chains

summer trends

L: Lama Retail, R: Outfitters

This trend crept up on us slowly. First, jewelry collections began carrying more and more chained necklaces. Then shoe stores filled with slides embellished with chains. Now it seems every brand is experimenting with this embellishment. We love that brands are finding ways to keep us interested in this motif. From matte chains to big chunky ones, this year’s accessories are using chains in ways we’ve not seen before.

5. Pastel Accessories

summer trends

L: Lama Retail, R:Beechtree

Pastel hues can always be relied on to add softness to any look. This season’s collections are filled with accessories in delicate tones of pinks, purples, and blues. Contrasted with the easygoing silhouettes and bright prints that we are seeing this year, these pastel colors are perfect for balancing our outfits and injecting them with a hint of daintiness.

6. Long Dresses

summer trends

L: Khaadi, R: Generation

Long dresses are the perfect go-to on days when it’s just too warm to put on pants. You can wear a sleeveless piece if you’re in the mood to show some skin or opt for sleeves if you’re leaning towards covering up. Certain Eastern collections are also carrying this silhouette and we love the versatility this offers. Pair your dresses with tights and khussas for family dinners or wear them over sneakers when you’re out running errands!

7. Abstract Prints

summer trends

L: The Way, R: Outfitters

This season’s abstract prints are a must-have if you’re looking to inject your wardrobe with a bit of fun. We’re seeing these bright prints in a variety of silhouettes. From bright 70s-inspired stripes to softer color palettes, this season’s prints have something for everybody. Even if you tend to lean towards solid colors, some of these prints may just tempt you into changing that!

8. Loose trousers

summer trends

L: Khaadi, R:Lama Retail

If you’re ready to permanently retire your skinny jeans, we have good news for you. Loose fitting trousers are here to stay! Summer collections are carrying this trend in an abundance of silhouettes, from bootcut trousers to straight pants. You can pick from solid colors or go for a fun print. No matter how you wear these pieces, we’re quite certain you’ll never think of your skinnies again!

9. Chunky straps on sandals

summer trends

L: Lama Retail, R:Sapphire

Chunky straps are both comfortable and stylish, making for sandals that can be worn often in our everyday lives. From browns to bright colors, this year you’re sure to find a pair that fits your vibe. While we’ll always love our delicate strappy sandals, we don’t mind the comfort this trend offers!

10. Cropped collared shirts

summer trends

L:Inclusivi-tee, R: Khaadi

The cropped top has a long and rich history. In hotter climates, cropped tops like our sari blouses have been wardrobe staples for centuries. This silhouette came to the West in the 1940s, when fabric was being rationed during World War II. Since then, the cropped top has returned to our racks time and again, taking on a new life each time. This year’s summer collections offer an easygoing take on the cropped top with boxy, collared shirts cutting off just a bit above what we’re used to. It’s a shape that accentuates the waist and goes perfectly with loose trousers and we have to say: we’re here for it!


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