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Mahira Khan debuts bangs in 2022 and she looks incredible

Mahira Khan rarely experiments with her looks, especially her hairstyle (at least shoulder length, center parted, blow-dried). She keeps it simple, minimal unless it is a photoshoot. So, it is a big deal when the actor steps out of her comfort zone and try something out of the box.

Five weeks ago, Mahira posted a picture on her Instagram rocking fringes with a cowboy hat. So, this time she’s back with a bang — quite literally. And we are lovin’ it.

“I went for a trim… and first I asked him to dye my hair pink and they all freaked out (I will do it.. Im gonnaaa do it).. and then after the trim I went back and said cut me a fringe,” she wrote.

“I came back home and my mother went – Ya Allah!”

“Is it a post two-time Covid survivor thing? Mid life crisis? God knows… all I know is I’ve never been the one who dyed my hair in school/ college.. not even a piercing here and there.. And this felt good. Just doing something on a whim. So yeah… I’m freshly omicron negative and insanely life positive,” she added.



We love this look as it feels very apt for 2022. Though, we are not sure about the pink hair but we fully support her keeping the fringes.

Here is another shot to inspire you for a hair cut.



And it is not just Mahira Khan, but Jennifer Aniston also recently revealed a brand new pair of wispy bangs. It’s seems that she has just started filming Murder Mystery 2 with Adam Sandler and this new look is for the camera, but we don’t mind it.



Another star who started off the year by embracing the fringes is Billie Eilish. She has got a pair of dramatic baby bangs, and with her jet black hair, they look goth.




And when Zendaya is doing it, why not we?

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