Monday , December 6 2021

The Real Stories Behind 7 Famous Sports Movies

Sometimes Hollywood gets portrayals of real-life characters and events right. But movie makers often spin a story for their benefit at the box office. Here are seven famous sports movies and the real stories behind each. 

1. Raging Bull | 1980

Hollywood’s spin: In the film, based on the autobiography of former middleweight boxing champ Jake La Motta, the Bronx Bull’s younger brother, Joey, is a central character. He appears as La Motta’s fast-talking manager, trusted adviser and training partner.

The real story: The character of Joey is actually a composite, mostly based on Pete Savage (born Petrella), La Motta’s friend and autobiography co-author. According to ESPN, most of the scenes with Joey La Motta, who was a boxer himself, really took place between La Motta and Savage, including their split and eventual reconciliation. It was reported in 1980 that Joey La Motta was planning to sue for defamation, but no suit was filed.

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