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The Tia-Kami ready to wear line is back with an eclectic pulse

Cloudy tie-dyes, eclectic chunris done on multiple textiles, the rillis and block prints and every possible technique associated with Pakistan’s rich craft. That’s what Kamiar Rokni’s ready to wear used to be about; that and an essentially global ethos that connected craft to contemporary fashion. It’s what one has been harping on about and Kami did it so well. He discontinued his ready to wear line several years ago but the good news is that he’s back!

Kamiar Rokni’s Tia line, which will be his ready to launch, ready to wear line, will be everything that he and his design partner Tia Noon (integral part of the House of Kamiar Rokni and now also part of the Punjab Assembly) developed together.

A little bit of central Punjab, Sindh, and a whole lot of global.

“All the techniques that we developed are going to be put to good use!” an enthusiastic Kami commented from his hotel room in Karachi, where he was isolating. Testing positive for Covid, he says his hotel room became his creative cave.

The Tis line is almost ready for release – perhaps around Eid – and it’s going to follow an altogether unisex and androgynous mood board. It’s very hippie, he says, thus very Kami.

Tell me more…

“Cloudy tie dyes, chunri, textiles, multiple techniques…brocade and block print, rilli, organic cotton, well thought out and inventive styles, vegetable dye prints, the typical Punjabi Sindhi melding, which is what I’m all about,” he says in characteristic Kami, chuckling in glee through the conversation.

Kami getting creative in his hotel room

The Tia line will be what a diffusion brand should look like, taking an elite fashion-forward ethos and making it accessible for the fashionista. Tagged anywhere between 5000 to 100,000, there will be something for everyone. And it’ll retail exactly as post-covid business plans dictate. We don’t need brick and mortar anymore, he states.

Expect the first Tia-Kami exhibition right before Eid in Lahore and then a second outing in Karachi a month later. Karachi will be more resort wear, holiday dressing, because life’s too short to be boring. And this promises to be fun!


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